As long as not all sit at the table . . .

The Pan-European pose at St. Ives is nice but as long as we call each other being a killer knowing that success is build upon killing – we all should consider sitting together eye to eye and make this world thing work or might as well forget it because we let the chance slip – and don’t make it. Divided.

We don't need strategies against China + Russia

We need to understand that the Krim belongs to Russia. If Russia wanted to incorporate the Ukraine – Russia would. Make no mistake – Russia is the motherland of man!

Also Macron and Biden display a picture of true comradery we need to understand that unless we are all getting into this together to create this world economic peace project we need to invite all to the table. While Angela trips through the scene – shakes hands and talks about our own interest to invest in Africa and not leave the continent entirely to China, we understand only Bahnhof in the believe that all will go good.

But things only go good if we are all in it together.


we can't
do it divided . . . .