Guten Morgen

wache mit einer guten Einstellung auf

Buenos dias

despierta con una buena actitud

早安 Zǎo ān

以良好的态度醒来 Yǐ liánghǎo de tàidù xǐng lái

Good morning

wake up with a good attitude

Bună dimineața

treziți-vă cu o atitudine bună

Wake up and smile!

Bleibe nicht in deiner Angst verhaftet

You are the future! Swing high - breath healthy - drink warm water - avoid cold - keep to yourself and hold a healthy distance to others - do some Asanas - perhaps Chair Yoga is good for you! if you don't want to do exercises on the mat.

Don't get stuck in your fear

Find the answers in yourselves

Bibbi Katharina

silent understanding

Bibbi Katharina

silent understanding